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Pepijn de Blecourt

As CEO of Quaystone Music, Pepijn has an impressive background in manufacturing and aquisition of materials for product building. As a budding young guitarist playing in various groups throughout Europe, he became fascinated with guitar building and the process of quality instrument construction. Pepijn initially gained experience through his contacts in the garment industry, leading him to become a succesful business owner and manufacturer in that same industry. In 2008, he turned his attention towards his long term dream of becoming a guitar builder. His passion for travel that was also necessitated by business, gave him the motivation to design and build the perfect electric travel guitar. The process has been rewarding, as Lap axe has become a reality of that dream. 

Bill Ladick

Originally from Canada, Creative Director Bill Ladick brings extensive experience in music performance, recording, and education to Lap axe. Bill has found the perfect project to use this experience to assist in design elements and Lap axe product testing in practical aplications. As a partner and Creative Director of Quaystone Music, he has also spent much of his time building awareness of the Lap axe brand through video production, music performance, online consultation, and the Lap axe website design. Teaming up with Mr. de Blecourt has been the perfect opportunity to explore the other side of the "guitar stage". Bill continues to develop our creative content, while continually studying design elements of the Lap axe brand.



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