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  • Dear Bill and Lapaxe Team

  • I just received the shipment containing my DLX-Black Shadow in good order. 

  • As one who both teaches and practices industrial design, I’m happy to confirm that this guitar solves the travel problem better than any other example on the market that I am aware of. Looking forward to my upcoming travels with my backpack’s new contents! 

  • A thousand thanks!

  • Josh

  •    The carbon fiber (supports) and quality build work great, as it arrived in California close to tuned, and it has just completed its first travel from Los Angeles to Austin texas for a week visit..

        I had decided I wouldn't baby it too much, since it is a travel guitar, and since I only travel with a small backpack for carry on. I just lashed the guitar itself onto the pack..TSA had zero issues and not a second glance at xray even..it got to Texas and after being bounced around and dealing with weather changes, it still was close to tuned when I got to our hotel...I took my iRig ,a small speaker, a 3ft cable along with headphones, and it worked great..when I wanted to play out loud I used the small speaker, and at night I would use the headphones...

        Since it is so light and compact, our travels via taxi and bus and short walk to hotels were so nice compared to (carrying) a normal guitar, and this things sounds great..Even unplugged it sounds great, which suprises people, due to its size.

    On the trip back to California, I decided to just put it inside my backpack (it is a 20inch tall Chrome brand pack) and it worked great.. Again after the trip it was still near tune..

      I plan to take it on my international trips, and since I use such ultra minimal carry on luggage it is nice to know the EX is still small enough I should have no real issue with any airlines carry on. Even on Ryan Air I think would be no issue if it were inside my pack. 

       It is so easy to pick up and play that I now play it more than my full size guitars..overall I am super happy with it. Shaun (California USA)

  • Hi Bill,

  • Tonight I received the guitar. It's so small and beautiful, and has a great sound. Thank you and best regards, Tang  (Taiwan)

  • "Hi Bill,

    I've well received my EX and she's great, thank you for your great work" Pierre (France)

  • "My Lap axe arrived Friday. I Love It! Thanks again for the great customer service." Cholena

  • "The axe was received. Thank you. I was surprised at the very wonderful guitar." Shiose (Japan)

  • "I just want you to know that the lapaxe you sent me (the black one) is now my main axe, I love it!!!! as a matter of fact, everybody makes fun of it when they see it , but when they hear it, well...... their jaws just drop!!!" Victor Mexico

  • " It's here! It's here! The EX-5 has arrived and it's beautiful! Sterling loves it. Thank you so much Bill. I was trying to remember the materials that it is made of. Thanks again Bill!" Neil (USA)

  • "Have got the Guitar today and happy with! many, many thanks!" Peter ( Germany)

  • "I received my EX-3 today and just want to say this is a really nice guitar!" Barry (Hong Kong)

  • "I am in receipt of the package and want to thank you so much for your attention. I believe this is going to make someone very happy. It was my wife's choice to wrap the package as is, so unfortunately, as bad as I would like to look at the guitar myself, I too will wait until the present is opened. Anyway, again, thank you so much and I will let you know how it goes. Keep up the good work!" Wesley (USA)

  • "I received my lapaxe many weeks ago, i think it took about 3 weeks to arrive at the post office just reviewed my emails and found this so excuse the late reply What a wonderful instrument. I play in an Eagles tribute and this piece is the star of the show when i play slide on Rocky mountain way This thing rocks man Overall my expectations were surpassed beyond my imagination." Rick (USA)

  • "Wow! I picked up the guitar last night. Really small. Really cool case. Great strap. Plugged it into my half stack and….great sounds, too. This is awesome! What a great little guitar. I can’t wait for a trip to take it with me. It is so light, I think I could play it all night. Fantastic product. Hmm, I may have to order a special some time. Really liking it!" Paul (Houston Texas)

  • "I have to say I'm absolutely thrilled about my new baby (Lap axe EX). It's so perfect for my needs right now. I needed somthing that I could take to work with me so that I could practice at lunch while not distuebing everyone. Wow! It's so great and sounds beautiful. I carry it with me every day. Thank you so much for your efforts." Rachelle

  • "Hey Bill and Pepjin, I just got my lapaxe in the the mail and this little thing it just amazing! It sounds fantastic, resonates really well, and just overall plays great. Thanks for making such a great little guitar." John Paul, (Michigan, USA)

  • "I've received my lapaxe, and it is surely a beauty! I especially love the low string action, the output of the mini-humbuckers and, of course, the size! Thank you very much for efforts and consultations." Stefan (Graz, Austria)

  • "Today the 2nd AXE guitar(natural color) has arrived to my home. It's very nice looks so I love it. Thank you so much for your arrangement." Tatsuke (Japan)

  • "Merry Christmas to you and your family. My husband opened his lap axe guitar and is in love with it." Chi (Long Island NY)

  • "Today I received my Lap axe!! This guitar fits me very well. I attached a photo in this email, This is Lap axe and me. :) Thank you for your prompt shipment delivery." Sugino (Japan)


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