Travel Electric Portable Guitar.001
Travel Electric Portable Guitar.001

Short Scale Travel Guitar by Lap axe
Short Scale Travel Guitar by Lap axe

Bocote Top Electric Travel Guitar
Bocote Top Electric Travel Guitar

Single coil pickups are a feature of this custom top travel electric guitar.

Travel Electric Portable Guitar.001
Travel Electric Portable Guitar.001



The smallest

portable electric travel guitar 


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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have once again been forced to suspend all production and sales activities. We will have updates as the situation develops. Thanks for your continued support and patience,

Lap axe, makers of the smallest travel electric guitar
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Welcome to the Lap axe travel guitar shop. Our short scale travel electric  guitars are designed to meet airline carry-on requirements, as well as providing complete performance in sound, playability, and aesthetics.

        Lap axe portable travel guitars are the perfect solution for guitarists of all levels, looking for a great small guitar. The Deluxe series electric guitar can be carried on to commercial flights, and actually played in an economy seat. The Lap axe EX series  short scale travel guitar in standard tuning is also a great live performance instrument. With a choice of mini humbucker, hotrail, or single coil pickups, Lap axe has a guitar sound for guitarists of all styles. We also offer a variety of exotic woods for the tops, and fretboards on our custom short scale instruments.

       All of our models now feature 2 way adjustable truss rods, and carbon graphite support. The result is an extremely durable neck and top quality short scale electric guitar.

       Visit our media room to view our videos, including a travel guitar review by Grammy Award Nominee Mike Stern. We hope you will visit our products pages to see all of our great travel guitars. If you see a 3/4 size guitar here that suits your needs, but you have some questions before you wish to purchase, please feel free to contact us here.

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"My Lap axe arrived Friday. I Love It! Thanks again for the great customer service." Cholena (USA)  Read More...

electric travel guitar by Lap axe
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Mike Stern electric travel guitar review

Enter here to shop our complete selection of Lap axe ultimate electric travel guitars for sale. All of our products are short scale and are the perfect  travel instrument for carry-on.

"Beautiful sound! I can take this small guitar anywhere. A very cool electric travel guitar. I can even use this on the gig!" 

Mike Stern (6 time Grammy Award Nominee)

Check out the Mike Stern review here.


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What happens after I order my Lap axe?


Once you have placed your Lap axe order, detailed information is given to our team of technicians. Over the next couple of days they will  prepare your new travel guitar by doing a final set-up and inspection, to ensure your axe is the ultimate in playability and performance. Your Lap axe travel electric guitar will be shipped within 14 days by FedEx. In the case of a custom configuration, we advise you of the shipping time based on your customization request. Once your axe has been checked and approved, we contact our friends at FedEx to let them know your travel guitar is ready for it's first journey.


 Once they have received your order, they provide us with a tracking number which we then pass on to you so that you can follow your shipment online right to your door.

  It's that simple! We want to ensure that ordering and receiving your Lap axe travel electric guitar is a positive experience. We are always happy to provide you with information about our products and services. If you'd like to know more, we're here.

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Lap axe, makers of the smallest travel guitar