Guitars And The Weather

With our ever expanding e-commerce world, it is now possible to live in the U.S, order a product located in Spain containing parts from China and Indonesia, from a company in Australia, built in a factory in Japan. As amazing as this international trade is, it can be a bit worrying when buying products that contain materials that are affected by extreme temperature and humidity changes. Wood is one of these materials. I personally remember while in college, having a beautiful table from Bali Indonesia delivered to my apartment in Edmonton, Canada. Two months after delivery, my table had taken on the appearance of a riding saddle. Simply put, the change from extreme humidity to extreme dryness caused the wood to have changes in moisture content from inside to out that expanded the wood at different rates. Guitars that travel the world often fall victim to this problem.

At Lap axe, we know that the instruments we build are often going to travel around the world, as well as to the various destinations that our customers go with Lap axe in hand. That's why we pay particular attention to pre-build drying, and added neck support. We ensure that our wood is dry enough before building to know it won't be affected by the extreme changes, and then we go even one step further. By using carbon graphite support rods and an adjustable truss rod

in our slightly longer EX series, we know that your axe is ready for your gig at the top of Mount Everest, or in the southern islands of Indonesia. We are so confident in our neck system that we have redesigned our Deluxe series to contain the same features and will release them soon. We have even performed somewhat "violent" tests on our system to remind ourselves that we have the most amazingly strong and stable guitar necks available on the market. If you are truly looking for a performance travel guitar with great sound, aesthetics, and playability. you need look no further than right here at

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